Monday, 26 April 2010

A new direction

So much for my top 50 albums of all time! Not an easy task as it turned out. The problems with compiling such a list is that you only really write about the flavours of the day. Albums I want to hear today, right now. Of course there will always be albums that will be up there, Hunky Dory, Ill Communication, Zilch, but true top albums are like best friends, you can only honestly count them on one hand…. Oh go on then, two hands!!

You see they problem with compiling such a list is that you tend to forget the truly wondrous albums that you have listened to too many times and are sick to death of and therefore not included. This list shouldn’t be about now, it should be about ‘all time’.

So would I have reached 50 albums, ‘yes’ probably, would they have reflected my top 50 albums, no, probably not.

The good thing to come out of this, and you will see this as you work from bottom to top, is that I shifted from writing about why i liked an album to writing about the band, the gigs, the laughs and the mosh pits!! How I discovered a band, who was with me and what direction this band took me in.

So this is the new direction. No more top albums, I’m going to concentrate on the experiences, memories, good time and friends.

Hope you enjoy it!!!!


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