Sunday, 14 December 2008

Good Evening and Welcome.....

I'd never thought about doing a blog before, probably because no one would read it! But why not, something may come out of it, it might develop into something big, something important, who knows! So here goes.....

I live in Newbury Berkshire. Originally from Rainham Kent As yet I have not picked up the Bahhhhhk-shyer accent despite living here 29 years, although there is a developing twang when I say the number '5'!!
School was good, 3 years in Liverpool 85 - 88 even better. A time of pubs, clubs without the Wormwood Scrubbs, only regret is that I can't remember half of what I got up to, let's blame it on the boozey!

I like music.... a lot, and regard myself as a musical snob. Always judging people by their taste in music!! I have tried to judge people by their personalities, which is fine, until I find out that they own the complete Phil Collins back catalogue! And that's it, the end of a beautiful relationship!!!

If you've read Hi-Fidelity by Nick Hornby you'll know exactly what I mean! There's this bit where the 'hero' is taken by his girlfriend to a friends for a dinner party. She tells him that by no means must he look at the hosts record collection. Dinner is served, conversation is flowing, a good time is had by all. After dinner the girlfriend asks our hero what he thinks of the host, his response is positive. She then says 'OK, now look at his record collection', it's all Phil Collins, Chris de Burg, Elton John.

At that moment he realises that there is more to life........ Good for him, I still can't see passed the record collection!!!!